Interior Design Minimalist Apartments with White Colors

A modern loft can be attractive and cozy if designer and owner work together to present nice dwelling place. It is good news when designer understands the request of the owner and knows the situation of dwelling place surroundings. Herewith, there is a modern flat with exemplary Flatiron loft in Manhattan offering bright white interiors.

Open floor plan integrates living room, dining area, and kitchen correctly in a spacious central area creating the broad view. Fortunately, white color detail embraces modern loft interiors starting from ceilings, walls, and wooden floors. Two grey sofas accentuate dark shades in the middle of open plan living with white interior details.

Wooden dining table appears with its light brown color and refined feature to invite warm ambiance in a simple dining area. Next, to the wood furniture, there is a modern kitchen with bright white kitchen island, cabinets, and countertops. The minimalist blackboard on white wall functions not only note but also creative interior decoration in this modern loft.

The white color also dominates minimalist bathrooms in this Flatiron loft providing the clean look and airy ambiance. Creative interior decorations adorn white master bedroom, playroom, and kid’s room in this modern loft in Manhattan attractively. To get DIY interior decorations, you can add your notes, images, or sketch on white bedroom wall behind its bed.

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