Stylish Nightstands Influenced by Nordic Designs

A nightstand is one of the bedroom furnishings that can complete and embellish a private room directly. Having a stylish nightstand will help you to find a focal point for the attractive furniture design. Herewith, we want to share some exciting pictures with brief descriptions.

Cool and Compact BABY

Tarcisio Colzani presents Baby nightstands featuring cubicle shape, metal table feet, crafted wooden top, optional black and white color. From the pictures, this bedroom furniture is furnished by drawer for simple storage.

Stylish and Stackable CELL

Another stylish nightstand design shows Cell nightstands featuring cylindrical shape, sleek wooden top, straight lined pattern, and wooden table feet. There is also circular shaped display under the tableā€“top.

The Allure of QUEEN 2!

Opera Design was showcasing mirrored furniture design designed stylish Queen 2 nightstands. This futuristic nightstand has twin drawers to store small things neatly.

Marble Magic with ZIGGY NIGHT

Meanwhile, Ziggy Night nightstands did present by C. Ballabio boasting its Scandinavian style. These wooden nightstands have marble top adorned by neutral grey patterns.

Dazzling and Bold GLITTER

Glitter nightstands offer mirrored furniture design and leather furniture design that will let you choose the best for the bedroom.

Elegant RIGA 2

For the last furniture, Tarcisio Colzani designed RIGA 2 nightstands featuring wooden furniture design, the regional body, and rectangular shape. Please, choose best nightstand design for the better view of the bedroom.

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